The abundance of natural resources in Indonesia implies the needs for wise and sustainable utilization toward people welfare. On the other side, the utilization concepts have to consider the nature carrying capacity and environmental sustainability. Regarding the renewable resources in the forestry, agriculture, crop estate and other fields, their sustainable utilization may be established by ensuring the natural availability of the resources. Many efforts have been done including in technical and policy aspects. However, a strong need for better efforts are still remained.Therefore, utilization of wood and non-wood forest products becomes in urgent. As a media for sharing knowledge and experience for wood and forest-related researchers in the world, Indonesian Wood Research Society (IWORS) conducts annual international symposium since 2009. The Fifth International Symposium of IWORS will be conducted in Balikpapan (East Kalimantan, Indonesia), one of the favorite destination in Indonesia. The symposium promises a remarkable symposium eventsurrounding by beautiful natural sceneries and traditional living style of a local people in Indonesia.


The symposium will bring together people from academia and industry who are engaged in research and development activities to share knowledge and to make mutual connection. In addition, the participants will have great chance to enjoy the beauty and unique traditional culture of Celebes Island.


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