Greening the earth through tress plantation and enrichmnet is becoming more important issue to environtment quality and to continously generate the incredible benefit and utilization of wood. Sustainable and optimal development of trees plantation emphasizes the importance of ensuring the satisfaction of present need without compromising the life requirement of future generations. As the reforestation program is intensified, largest plantation resource will contribute significantly to the sustaible wood supply to confirm optimal wood utilization. Efforts to develop sustainable wood supply and optimal wood utilization have been responded by many study areas, especially in the field of

study of wood science and technology, however, better understanding of wood should intensely be explored. To support the effort to optimally utilize wood, Indenesian Wood Research Society (IWoRS) or Masyarakat Peneliti Kayu Indonesia (MAPEKI) will carry out its fourth international symposium. The symposium will intend to breaden our insight to the latest development, innovation and knowledge in relation to properties, processing and utilization of wood, non-wood forest products and other lignocellulosic materials. There will also be a chance to present limited number of papers and high quality of research findings in this symposium. These papers essentiaally expected to address the future research of environmentally friendly wood and other lignocellulosic-based products and also to support the green earth program.


The symposium will bring together people from academia and industry who are engaged in research and development activities to share knowledge and to make mutual connection. In addition, the participants will have great chance to enjoy the beauty and unique traditional culture of Celebes Island.


- Wood structure and properties
- Biocomposite and wood-based materials
- Wood processing
- Wood Engineering
- Energy, chemical, and charcoal products
- Biodegradation and preservation of wood
- Silviculture and biotechnology
- Related forest sciences (management and conservation).


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